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reticle carbon applications

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structural materials

Reticle Carbon© main applications

The applications articulated herein all represent palpable, monetizeable market potential for Reticle Carbon, i.e., areas in which Reticle Carbon can potentially be monetized and turned into profitability for its owners. The five basic categories of application we have foreseen include:

  • Water purification and treatment
  • Hydrometallurgy, metal recovery, and minerals processing
  • Supercapacitors
  • Structural materials
  • Medical applications

    We hasten to emphasize that the first three categories — water purification, hydrometallurgy, and supercapacitors — have been demonstrated by Reticle in laboratory scale and in some instances commercial scale facilities. Reticle Carbon can provide immediate benefits from the clean water it can create, the metals it can plate and recover, etc. It is important to emphasize that people will pay immediate cash for the type of capability Reticle Carbon can put in place; indeed, people are already doing so. We will in certain of the more imminent applications summarize the total size of the industry and estimate the impact and market share Reticle Carbon might achieve in that industry.

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